Installing PSO2es (with English patch)

Download the PSO2es Tweaker by clicking here, or clicking the picture below.

Open it on your device and install it. Then, click "Install Game" (If you haven't already), then "Install Patch" and hit "Play Game". You should always launch the game this way (By hitting "Play the game", as the PSO2es Tweaker will inform you upon opening if there are updates available to both the game and the English patch.)

You can download the latest vanilla JP version by installing the PSO2es Tweaker, and not installing then EN Patch.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to purchase AC because it attempts to force you to pay in dollars - All you have to do is go to the google wallet website, click that little gear icon at the top-right to go to settings, and temporarily change your "home address" to somewhere in japan and it will let you pay in yen. (Thanks, Ygdrad!) You can discuss the PSO2es Tweaker here:

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