PSO2 Story Patch

This is the story patch which now covers 93% of the story and all of the story missions and most of everything in general. All of MB1-15 is now translated (and 98% of MB16!) and we're doing our best to try and get the rest of the extra content around MB16/17 finished, so that you can enjoy the game.

Updates to the story patch can be automatically applied with the PSO2 Tweaker and instructions for how to install the patch are listed below. The current version is 8/27/2014.

How to apply (New Method)

If the new method does not work for you, you can use this old method of installation:

1. Click this link to download the story patch through a direct link (Not yet available), or click here to download it through BitTorrent (usually faster).

1.5 If you're using the torrent, wait until it says "Seeding" like the picture below. That means it's done downloading.

2. Once the download is complete, open the PSO2 Tweaker, click on the blue orb in the top left hand corner, and select "Install/Update Patches" and scroll over to the story patch.

3. The Tweaker should then prompt you if you have already downloaded the story patch rar with the following dialog. Select "Yes", and select the story rar that was downloaded.

4. The Tweaker will then prompt if you would like to back up your game files. Doing so will overwrite any backup you currently have, but as the client is continually being updated, it is likely outdated. We suggest choosing "yes" at this time.

5. Lastly, the Tweaker will ask you if you would like to update the patch. Since posting the patch, we make changes and adjustments to the files, such as fixes, revisions and more content. It is strongly encouraged to choose "yes" here.

6.Assuming you've gotten this far, you should get a message in the dialog box that the story patch has been successfully applied. Hit the "Launch PSO2" button and enjoy the game!

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