INSTANTLY Purchasing WebMoney

You can now instantly purchase WebMoney (WM) through Arks Layer! WebMoney is used to purchase Arks Cash (AC), the digital currency for PSO2. It's easy to buy and use! It's a 1:1 ratio too, meaning that if you buy 3000WM, you'll get 3000AC in-game. The only exception is that 5000WM will get you 5150AC (A little extra bonus!), and 10,000WM will get you 10,300AC (A bigger bonus!).

Here's how to order:


The prices are as follows:

$15 for 1000WM
$27 for 2000WM
$40 for 3000WM
$63 for 5000WM
$120 for 10000WM
$235 for 20000WM (Arks-Layer exclusive!)
$350 for 30000WM (Arks-Layer exclusive!)

For information on how to redeem these codes and turn them into AC, please see this page.

To Purchase

Click this link and follow the pictures below.

Once you've done this, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail, and your code will be e-mailed to you as soon as possible (usually instantly). If we're out of codes for the day (this limit is being upped as time goes on), you'll be notified immediately, and then sent a code as soon as one becomes available (we refill codes every day around 6:30PM - 9:00PM JST, 4:30AM - 7:00AM EST). If you have any issues/concerns, feel free to e-mail me (AIDA) at or respond to any of the e-mails you receive from me, as they ARE monitored.

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