Using Reshade/SweetFX with PSO2 (Updated)

If you've used reshade previously with the Tweaker

The new version of reshade works 100% with the Tweaker now, so there's no need to use it as a plugin anymore. It'll work right out of the box!

IMPORTANT: Clean up your PSO2 Directory - Delete d3d9.dll in pso2_bin, back up your reshade shaders/settings/etc, delete anything reshade/d3d9.dll in the plugins/pso2bin folder.

Installation Guide

  1. Download the latest version of Reshade from
  2. Select your pso2_bin folder (and pso2.exe), then select the Direct 3D 9 render option.
  3. Once you're done, that's it! The game should load with Reshade as normal, with all hotkeys working.
  4. (Optional) Restore your previous reshade settings/shaders.

Disabling Reshade

  1. Delete the d3d9.dll in your pso2_bin folder. Done!

Known issues

Using certain SweetFX configurations with PSO2 may result in a black screen. This is not a Tweaker issue, it's an issue with SweetFX. It's recommended to disable it until it's fixed if you get this issue.

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