The Telepipe Proxy is a proxy that sits between you and SEGA and adds quite a bit of new and exciting features! You configure it via Tweaker using a URL, then just play like you usually do.. In addition to allowing SEA players (and others that are blocked) to connect, it also adds the following features:

  • Item/Title/Block name translations
  • Global Chat via Discord (handled via system messages, so no bubble spam like GIRC.)
  • A very efficient way of handling the proxy connection, no more HOSTS file crap, no more Gameguard freaking out
  • A ridiculous amount of stability/efficiency/speed
  • An active team of developers who are interested and excited to add new features
  • EVERYONE can help now! Just by playing PSO2, you can help us improve the patches. [See below]
  • Global Emergency Quest accouncements in-game
  • All translations (item/title/item description/block names) are toggleable - You can turn them off/on!
  • More planned features in the future! (Things we can't reveal just yet :P)

We've completely overhauled the original Telepipe proxy and changed from a C# base to a .NET Core base. What does this mean? It can be hosted on linux and on much better data centers than our current version.

The current ping time between the Telepipe server and SEGA's PSO2 server is 2ms. This means that the impact the proxy has will be unnoticeable - As if you weren't using it. (In fact, we have a suspicion that our Telepipe server is in the same data center as SEGA's PSO2 server!)

But we need your help to test it and try to break it (something you guys love, right?). In order to connect to the new server and help test:
Open your Tweaker and go to Other Tasks -> Configure Telepipe/PSO2Proxy settings. Enter this URL in the box that opens:

We welcome your feedback on the PSO2 discord (in the #pso2-gchat-beta channel), where you'll also be able to communicate with those ingame via the Discord <-> PSO2 bridge. Additionally, those of you in the SEA/China/IP blocked regions are encouraged to give this new proxy a try and share your experience!

※Please note that this is a service in development and as such, certain features are missing at the moment. This includes being able to personalize your experience (turn off gchat/item translations/etc) and check to see how many people are currently online in each ship. The proxy will be updated fairly often (typically every 3 days) in order to fix bug/release new features until we've reached a point where we feel as though it's out of beta.

Questions and Answers

Q: I can improve the patches by playing PSO2?! How does that work?!

A: When you connect to the Telepipe Proxy, you can help us find things that are untranslated, and the proxy will let us know so we can fix them.

For example, say you came across a japanese item that wasn't translated - Instead of taking a picture and contacting us, the proxy will automatically see that untranslated item and add **just the item's name** to a database so it can be translated. The same scenario also occurs with titles, so by just playing the game, you help us translate it!

Q: What sort of information is logged when I connect?

A: The things that are logged are (Keep in mind, this is much less than SEGA or GameGuard log):

  • Player ID/Name
  • Character name
  • Last used IP/Last login time
  • MAC Address (to be used to ban malicious players/cheaters/etc)

Q: What about my password? Will you have that? I heard SEGA was dumb and stored it in plaintext, can't you read that?

A: Your password is specifically NOT logged, and is in fact replaced with "Removed Password" when you log on:

Here is a snippet of the logging code:

var temp = new PSOPacket(p);
var req = LoginRequest.Parse(temp.Data);
req.Body.SetPassword("Removed Password"); //Password is replaced with "Removed Password" and the original is never saved or even read.
LogPackets(new PSOPacket(req.ToPacket()), false);

For the record though, yes, SEGA does send your password in plain text. Idiots.

Q: Does this mean the Tweaker won't have item/title patches? Will they still be updated?

A: Nothing is changing in the Tweaker - The item/title/blocks/etc patches will still work 100% and be updated alongside the Telepipe proxy.


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