PSO2 Tweaker Guide

This is a brief overview of the PSO2 Tweaker. It can be a little overwhelming for new users, but with a little explanation, you'll be playing PSO2 in no time!

Before you start



First Time Setup

When you first start the tweaker, you will be prompted with a dialog box asking if it's the first time you've used the tweaker. Clicking "yes" will bring you to this page. Clicking no will skip and bring you to the next step.

The next pop-up dialog will be asking if you have already installed Phantasy Star Online 2.

If you have already installed PSO2 (which you should have!), click the button that says "Yes".

When you start the PSO2 Tweaker (AKA "Tweaker") for the first time, you'll be asked to select your "pso2_bin" folder. This is the folder inside of the folder where you selected to install PSO2.

So if you installed PSO2 to "C:\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\", your pso2_bin folder would be "C:\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin". If you haven't install PSO2 yet, hit no and follow the steps.

PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL PSO2 (OR THE TWEAKER) IN MY DOCUMENTS/YOUR DESKTOP/PROGRAM FILES/WINDOWS DIRECTORY. This will cause issues with both the game and the Tweaker, due to Windows OS permissions. If you put either one in those folders, please move them out of them.

The recommended setup is to have the "PSO2 Tweaker.exe" in "C:\Tweaker\" and PSO2 in "C:\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2".

Once you select your pso2_bin folder (or install PSO2), you'll be brought to the main Tweaker window (and it will set up the files it needs). Most of the Tweaker's functions are accessed through the [!] menu - That's the button circled in the below picture (in the top left):

If you click it, you'll open a multitude of options. Hover your mouse over each one to see a tip on what it does.

Since you just set up PSO2, you'll likely need to update the game. Click the [!] Menu, then click "Check for PSO2 Updates". Once this completes, install whatever patches you wish ([!] Menu -> Install/Update patches), change your PSO2 Options (PSO2 Options button), then hit "Start PSO2" to play!

If a window pops up talking about GameGuard (The anti-cheat tool PSO2 uses), open the Tweaker and go to [!] Menu -> Troubleshooting -> Fix GameGuard Errors, then start PSO2 again.

That's it, you're all set! If you need any help with setting up the game, something isn't working right, or you're just looking for a pretty chill place to hang, feel free to join our PSO2 discord by clicking here!

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