PSO2 Getting Started Guide

Looking to play PSO2? You've come to the right place! This guide will help you make a SEGA ID on the Japanese PSO2 server, and get started playing the game in English.

Part 0: Before you start

Before you get started, You should download the setup file (It'll take a while, so letting it download while registering is a good timesaver!) Additionally, you might want to check how the game will run on your computer by trying the PSO2 Benchmark 2.0.

Part 1: Registering a SEGA ID

Start by going to the SEGA Registration Page. Put your e-mail in the text box and hit the blue button. Your browser should then take you to a page in moon speak (Japanese), that says "An e-mail has been sent your e-mail address. Please click the link to continue the signup process."

If you then open up your e-mail, there should be a new auto-generated e-mail from SEGA in your inbox. Some services, such as hotmail, may generate an error or send the mail to spam automatically. GMail doesn't have any issues, so if you can't find the e-mail, then making a GMail account for PSO2 might be a good idea. The e-mail itself is displayed below. Click the link to continue the process.


Part 2: Filling in the information for the Sega Form

Simply fill in the information as indicated below:

Part 3: Japanese Captcha Boss

If you're a regular user of the internet, you should be familiar with captchas - They're used to make sure you're human. Usually, not a problem... UNLESS THEY'RE JAPANESE.

For this part, you'll use Google Handwriting! Click on this link, select "Japanese" in the first box, click the arrow next to Japanese letter (next to the microphone icon), then click the pencil icon. Click and drag to draw each letter in the captcha. Once you've got it done, just copy and paste it into the box on the SEGA ID page. Once all the letters are in (and you've completed the rest of the form), hit Submit. If you get the captcha wrong (which you will a few times), you'll receive the following error:

エラー(025) 入力内容に誤りがあります。もう一度入力してください。
(025) error There is an error in the input content. Please try again.

Hit the back button and try again! After flipping a few tables (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) , you'll get the captcha right. You'll know you did it right because you'll be taken to a page where it'll review all your information:

Part 4: Registering your new SEGA ID for PSO2

This part is really easy. After you hit "register" in the previous part, you'll be taken to a new screen:

Just click the checkmark, then hit the leftmost box. The next screen will say:


You are now ready to start playing Phantasy Star Online 2.
Proceed to the login screen to start your journey.
Please proceed to this url if you want to download the PC version client.

This means you're fully registered and ready to play! Now, let's install and update the game!

Part 5: Installing and Updating PSO2

Once you've registered your SEGA ID, run the PSO2E3JP_SETUPEN.exe file. This will walk you through installing Phantasy Star Online 2. This install WILL take a while, this is normal. Once it's finished, download the PSO2 Tweaker. Open it, and you'll be asked to find you where you installed PSO2, and the pso2_bin folder inside of there. If you used the installer I've linked, it should be C:\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin\.

Once selected, the main window will open. Using the menu on the top left (the circle), select "Check for PSO2 updates" and hit "No" on the pop-up window. The Tweaker will now check for any missing or outdated files, and update them as necessary. Depending on how many patches and your download speed, this may take quite a while. (At the time of this writing, there are over 50,000 files in the game's win32 directory.)

Once the Tweaker reports that you have the most current version of the game, you may install the English patch (translates core text, gui stuff, etc), item/title translation patches (available in the plugins menu), and more!

You may also wish to connect to the Telepipe Proxy, which will allow instant item translation, title translation, block translation, and more! Click here to see more information!

Part 5.5: Fixing PSO2JP Connection issues (Only necessary for SEA/region blocked areas)

If you cannot connect to, you'll need to do an extra step to connect to the game. Open your Tweaker (update if you need to) and go to [!] -> Other Tasks -> Configure Telepipe/PSO2Proxy settings. Enter this URL in the box that opens:

This will connect you to our Telepipe Proxy, which will let you bypass the IP block (and provide instant item translations, title translations, and more!)

Part 6: Logging in for the first time

Once you've configured everything and set it all up (as shown above), you're ready to play! Click "Start PSO2".

If you get an error message from Gameguard (NP anything) or get redirected to their website ( or any variation of it), just open the Tweaker back up, click [!] -> Troubleshooting -> Fix Gameguard Errors. After it finishes, click "Launch PSO2" again and it should work.

Once you get to the title screen of PSO2, hit enter. Click "Agree to terms" or the leftmost button. Click "Login SEGA ID" and select your ship (Ships are servers - Ship 02 is currently the "main" English ship). Enter the SEGA ID and Password you created above, and you'll login! Congratulations!

You'll be asked to select a Player ID (The ID everyone will see and use to look you up). You're almost done now! Upon attempting to make your first character, a screen will pop up like this:

This is asking if you're been invited to the game by another player - There are bonuses for BOTH players (the person who invited you, and you) if you put an ID number here. I'd appreciate it if you could use mine (assuming you're joining Ship02), although it is completely optional. My ID is 10066062. Just copy that number, and paste it in the box. Then, click the left box to begin. That's it!

You'll now be prompted to create your first character! I hope you found this guide helpful, and I wish you the best of luck (and fun!) on Phantasy Star Online 2! My ingame PlayerID is Aida Enna, so if you ever see me around on Ship 02, say Hi! Enjoy the game!

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