We get a lot of help from the community to keep everything going. This page was created to outline everyone who helps maintain the tools, websites, resouces, and everything else that PSO2 fans use. Thank you for your hard work!

Arks-Layer Staff

Aida Enna:
Meka (multipurpose discord bot), Mother (discord bot based on Kongou), Stratos (patchbuilding discord bot), PSO2NA UQ Notices, Fresh Finds, PSO2 Tweaker/patch tools, PSO2PC Story/Item Translation, PSO2es/Nova/PSO2Vita Translation, Arks-Layer Website, Telepipe Proxy, Trailblazer, General PR stuff

acffordyce973 (ACF):
Kongou, PSO2JP/NA EQ Notices/PSO2 Alert Android/PSO2es Tweaker V2, Item Translation, Telepipe Proxy, Patch building/development, generally blamed for everything

Plugin/Patch tools Development, Telepipe Proxy, User Support, a little bit of everything.

Story/PSO2/Idola/PSO2es/Nova/Item Patch Translation, Arks-Layer website

Item Translation Development, Plugin development

Special Thanks

These people are not members of Arks-Layer per se, but that doesn't diminish the hard work and effort they've put into helping out the English community and Arks-Layer. We give very special thanks to:

Item Translation Development, Plugin/Patch development

For PSUBlog and his many, many, many translations for PSO2/PSO2es/PS: Nova

Reddit PSO2 Community/Tech Support

Telepipe Proxy

Telepipe Proxy

PSO2 NA bypass

Story/PSO2/PSO2es/Item Patch Translation

Story Translation

Chrome/Firefox Extension/PSO2 Alert Icons

People who have helped with the patches since they went public:
Listed here

NA/JP Arks-Visiphone Wiki

People who have helped with the NA Arks-Visiphone Wiki:
Listed here

People who have helped with the JP Arks-Visiphone Wiki:
Listed here

Various graphic designing for the PSO2 Tweaker (Meka!)

Various graphic designing for PS: Nova/Telepipe Proxy

Various graphic designing for PSO2 Tweaker/PSO2 Alert

Paull Stanley (paullopicasso):
PSO2 Menu/Visiphone Emulation scripts for PS4 players


Retired notable members of the PSO2 Community - Gone, but never forgotten.

Kion (Retired):
Story Translation, Twitterbot, Chrome/Firefox Extension, Arks-Layer Website, Arks-Layer Founder

Cirnopoly (Retired):

Kyle873 (Retired):
PS Nova translation/programming, Telepipe Proxy

Agrajag (Retired):
PSO2PC/PSO2Vita Patch Tools

EspioKaos (Retired):
Various translations/being awesome

Qwerty (Retired):
Story Revisions

Rupikachu (Retired):
PSO2es Patch and PSO2es Tweaker V1 development

Maronji (Retired):
Videos for Story Patch

Kinujou (Retired):
Videos for Story Patch

Kazanboshi (Retired):
Videos/Translations for Story Patch EP4

MrTurkleton (Retired):
Original idea for Item Translation

CyberKitsune (Retired):
PSO2 Proxy Development

LightningDragon (Retired):
PSO2 Tweaker development

SonicFreak94 (Retired):
PSO2 Tweaker development

Raven0123 (Retired):
Item Translation Development

Rosen Croix (Retired):
Story Revisions

Ezodagrom (Retired):
Story Revisions

Caledonia (Retired):
Story Revisions, Extension Icon

Henpaku (Retired):
Story Translation

Nan (Retired):
JP Arks-Visiphone Wiki

dkabot (Retired):
Various Vita testing/CPK repacking methods

ilikepngs (Retired):
Various Vita testing/patch tools

Redeemer (Retired):
Various programming assistance

Wayu (Retired):
Story Translation

Logokas (Retired):
PSO2es Translation

Lambadaa (Retired):
Story/Nova/Item Patch Translation, scrub-tier genji player

Wohdin (Retired):
Title Translation, bara fanart

Momo (Retired):
Story/Nova Translation, Master exam taker

KitKat (Retired):
Story Translation

Nagato (Retired):
PS: Nova Patch Tool Development/PS: Nova Translation

Arcnmx (Retired):
Item Translation Development, Plugin development

Serif (Retired):
Graphic designing of Tweaker-tan (and friends)

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